The LIFE Ministry Kenya today is a super eagle that is soaring to new heights in the high skies with the sky as the limit. After experiencing great growth and success for almost 30 years, we had a decade of a moulting process that made it difficult to fly because of our old aged and heavy wings. Faced with only two options like an eagle: to die or go through the painful process of change, we chose the latter in order to survive. This change process meant getting rid of our old memories, habits, past traditions and freedom from past burdens to take advantage of our present opportunities. We have plucked off our old-aged feathers, beaks and talons to experience a rebirth. We believe that, like an eagle, we are through the moulting process successfully by God’s grace and are ready to soar higher for the next 40 years.

The greatest challenge to LIFE Ministry accomplishing our God given vision and our 2020 faith goal of seeing 100,000 multiplying disciples is that, we have a vision that is beyond our resources. We also refuse to let our current income determine our vision. Staff minds have been transformed into new minds that are dreaming of a new LIFE Ministry existence as eagle believers (Deut. 32:11,12) – To see a vibrant, modern and locally sustainable ministry.

The LIFE Ministry Kenya has visionary leaders and an active strong Board who have faith as well as the ability to translate this good faith into good works. We have regained our strength like the eagles in our journey towards our Jubilee year and beyond and have resolved that the time for new action is now!

Can we Count on your L.I.F.E INVESTMENT today to make Disciples of all nations?

How can you become a L.I.F.E Partner and help in fulfilling the Great Commission through The LIFE Ministry Kenya?

You can advance God’s Kingdom by optimizing your Leadership, Influence, Finances and Expertise (L.I.F.E) and fulfilling the Great Commission.

To partner with the ministry, you can give through:

MPesa PayBill

MPesa PayBill

The Mpesa Pay Bill is the easiest way to make payments and contributions in Kenya. To use MPesa:

  • Select the ‘M-pesa’ icon on your phone
  • Then scroll to select the ‘Pay Bill’ option
  • Key in the LIFE Ministry Kenya business number, 200111
  • Then enter the account number: Name of event or staff member
  • Enter amount of donation and click the ‘ok’ button to complete the transaction.

Once the above process is completed, you will receive a text message from Mpesa confirming the transaction.

Bank Details

Bank Details

Account name: The LIFE Ministry Kenya

Account number:

  •         Ksh Account: 0451184202
  •         Dollar Account: 0227194723

Bank name: Barclays Bank

Branch: Hurlingham

Branch Code: 03045

Swift Code: BARCKENX


Write your cheque payable to : The LIFE Ministry Kenya



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