Treat the Flock, heal a heart

Treat the Flock, heal a heart

Pokot men have so much attachment with their livestock; which is their only source of livelihood.Over the April LIFE ministry had a powerful mission at the East Pokot.  It was incredibly amazing to realize that, as much as the medical camp was such a noble idea, it wasn’t for men. The medical camp only attracted the women, children and the aged. However, the Men were not left alone. We had organized a Veterinary camp for their livestock.

The chief and the community leaders would ask men to bring their live stop onto specific locations and we would get the vets to treat their livestock.  As the animals were being treated, you could see their faces lighting with gratitude. This offered a great window of opportunity to share the gospel with them especially the Morans ( Men) which before seemed to be like such an uphill task. Pocket Men

The missionaries would interact with local men and share the gospel with them. Many came to Christ through these initiatives. Some men wondered whose son does this Jesus Christ belong to. Which clan is he from? They thought him as a member of the clan. if you mention their father, they would know him. We had to take time to explain Christ as the son of God. Our Saviour


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