Student-LED Movements – SLM

We exist to help fulfill the Great Commission among and through this generation of college students.
We trust God to see Spiritual Movements in every University College and High School so that everyone will know someone who truly follows Christ.


Winning, building and sending Christ Centered Multiplying Disciples who will build Spiritual Movements in their institutions in Kenya.


• The GOSPEL for every Student.
• SPIRITUAL MOVEMENTs in every High School & University.
• LEADERs for every nation.



We seek to engage all the students in all high Schools, Universities, and Colleges across the 47 counties in Kenya.


Our envision seeing Deeply Discipled students who are equipped to produce lasting fruit among their peers. Our ministry among the students is one integrated continuum that commences when the students join their first year of High School, through the year or so transitionary period before they join College/University to their final year in the College/University. This entire period in Kenya lasts roughly 10 years, and as such we call this process the “10 year safari”.
Throughout this period, we holistically engage these students, exposing them to the Scriptures, Life Mentors and Coaches, Conferences and retreats both in Kenya and beyond as well as practical experiences that allow them to apply what they are learning.
The two major departments of our ministry are the High School and Campus Departments. These two are connected by a department we call Bridge;

• High School Ministry- Our ministry among High School students. We currently have about 20 institutions we work in.
• The BRIDGE strategy-Our ministry to youth in transition between High School and Universities. The program runs for some 4 months, and is currently running in some 25 centers nationwide.
• The Campus Ministry- This is our ministry to College and University Students. We currently have about 25 institutions we are working in.


Following the adoption of the Universal free Primary Education, most of Kenya’s youth are now institutionalized in one form of education institution or the other. Anyone keen on reaching the youth in this nation should consider engaging the institutions of learning.
At this stage, many of these young people are still forming their worldviews and are open to engagement. We not only seek to engage the Spiritual dimension of their lives, though we are convicted that this dimension is the one centre upon which all the others are held. We mentor and coach and provide platforms for wholistic training of these young people.
We have teams of our staff that visit different High Schools weekly to connect with identified students who in turn connect with their colleagues.

The Great High School Voyage Program
‘You bend a tree when it’s still tender’ goes an old saying. The best time to build culture in a school is at entry level. As students enter school, they are fresh, vulnerable and flexible. They fit into the culture they find in the school.
Life Ministry has designed a program we call ‘The Great High School Voyage fresh man orientation’. It’s an evangelistic and life skill program that seeks to introduce the form one students to life in high school and equip them to exploit opportunities and avoid pit falls while making their high school life an all-round success.
The program targets the entire form one, and also gives them an opportunity to join a discipleship group and have someone teach them God’s word and mentor them. At the end of the year, some of the students are selected to go through a leadership training and they help with program for the next lot of freshmen and given an opportunity to disciple and mentor their younger brothers and sisters. At the end of four years, each student get an opportunity of having someone walk with them at least for an entire year, this becoming the culture of the school.
This program would be a very good place to begin even as we seek to change the culture in our High Schools to one of values, good moral and righteousness.


Bridge is a program designed to help those leaving high school get ready to deal with life in university/college by helping them understand the opportunities and challenges there thus laying a firm foundation for a successful sojourn in these institutions.

To disciple and mentor every high school leaver into a multiplying follower of Christ.

Winning, building, training and sending every high school leaver to be multiplying disciple of Christ

Why Bridge?

Thousands of students sit for the final high school exams every year. These exams are extremely decisive, and for most is a make or break shot at life. They then find themselves released ‘out there’ to wait for campus, employment, marriage or whatever life holds for them.
The span of time after high school is not just foundational, but very defining for these young people. Key life convictions and life-long patterns are developed at this time. It is our hope to reach and enrich them at this point. It is also a transitional time for them in their churches as they cross over from teens to youth ministry. A lot of young people loose church at this point.
There is a great need to help these youth at this critical point of growth. We realize they have so much time and power in their hands that we can help them use productively, guiding them to grow as leaders in integrity, attitude and a genuine faith.
This need is even greater within the urban centers. With the only way for these you people to pass their time being media and hanging out with their friends, they are a greater risk both socially and spiritually to stumble.
Furthermore, life in our universities has greatly changed with a society that perpetually is in an Endeavour for liberty. Social-cultural structures have greatly skewed towards evil and socially ill practices. The pressure to succeed in an ever-competitive society exacerbates this reality. These combined factors make it very crucial for the young people to be rooted in the word of God, prepared for responsibility and the demands of growing up.

The core program runs for about 15 weeks from January to April every year. After that, a graduation is held and certificates are issued. We then endeavor to transit these students to campus and make sure that our staff, volunteers and senior students mentor them and help them settle into the College campuses. We also encourage our students to enroll to serve in their local churches. The four month period is also crucial in further formation of the students mostly in leadership and movement building. Some get involved as volunteers within Life Ministry especially in the High School ministry department.

The Curriculum

We use various Tools to achieve our goals:

1. ‘College Ready’ DVD series: A six-session high impact DVD series designed to help student navigate the college maze.
2. ‘Life at Cross Roads’: An internationally applied training tool that seeks to aid students internalize positive values and beliefs which can guide them to be good decision makers. It tackles the issues of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and other drug abuse and youth violence.
3. The Discovery Series and Student Venture Training Curriculum (SVTC) : Designed to help students understand the Christian faith and find their footing as disciples of Christ.
4. Positive Movies and films- We use a collection from Campus Crusade and other productions to highlight spiritual, social, emotional, physical and mental issues facing students in the current generation. Films like Jesus Film, Walking with Jesus and a collection of local and international short films.
5. Games and other fun activities that help keep the minds of the young people focused on the program
6. Mentorship- We connect the Bridger’s with personal mentors who are older and successful in various disciplines in life.
7. Practical Evangelism: we expose the students to real evangelism through a one week mission before the culmination of the program.


1. Workshops: interactive sessions where together with other young trainers we take the students through the curriculum in a conference setting.
2. Camps: About 3 camps that give the students more time for training and other activities
3. Experiential learning: One skills transfer project that help the student learn a new skill of their interest.
4. Mission: Local and international mission projects to expose the students to ministry and service within different cultures.
5. Socialization: Students get a chance of socializing with students from other parts of the country.

Expected Outcome

i. Students joining campus having known their identity in Christ, identified their core values and living by them.
ii. Ex-Bridgers will make the most out of their college experience as they will be effectively prepared.
iii. Equipped youth with competencies and necessary skills; leadership, character, relational skills and spiritual maturity that will enable them to navigate life.
iv. Young adults who are personal leaders and stewards of personal resources e.g. time and relationships.
v. Bridger’s engaged in local and international missions.

So far we have taken more than 500 youth nationally through the program and have partnered with more than 25 Churches across some 10 counties.


Why Campus students?
Youth hold the future of our nations. They are literally the custodians of posterity. They are bright; strategically placed; mobile and less tied down; tend to be passionate about their beliefs; are energetic; creative, listeners and good learners; flexible and adaptable to new environments. That is why REACHING THE CAMPUS TODAY is REACHING THE WORLD TOMORROW!

OUR direction and Convictions:
• Prayer and fasting for we can’t do anything without Him (John 15 : 5).
• Trusting God for the impossible, and paying the price (Acts 20: 24).
• Practicing Momentum, Multiplication and Movement to ensure Student-Led campuses.
• Develop transferable Message (as a supplement), sprit-filled Messenger, and adaptive Methods.
• Win-Build-Send strategy using NLTC (New Life Training Curriculum) as a core material.
• Town-Village -Synagogue approach relating to Catalytic campus model (Matt 9:35).
• Intentional mobilization of Local self-sustaining resources.
• Effecting widespread and uncontrollable spiritual movements and influence through the lifetime labourers produced.

Our approach to campus ministry;
1) Base campus: Student-led with staff having a presence on a University campus.
2) Catalytic campus: Students leading the campuses where staffs are not based.
3) Virtual campus: Using digital tools and strategies to reach campuses.

We seek to identify students who are keen on knowing Christ and making him known and commit to deeply disciple these as we model how they can reach out to their colleagues. We are convicted that ultimately only students can truly and effectively reach out to their peers.
Our role is to disciple, train and entrust these students with the task of reaching others.
We ultimately seek to mobilize and engage thousands of these students across the Colleges and Universities of this country.

Catalytic Movements.
Definition 1.
• These are spiritual movements where a team of catalysts work with volunteers to build multiple movements across a broad scope (7-20 schools per team member) by exploring, challenging, and coaching key volunteers to be multiplying disciples.
In our context of building spiritual movements among students, the staff are the team of catalysts seeing key volunteers from among the students’ community. The key volunteers are then coached, trained and disciple to be multiplying disciples.
The fundamental desire is to see these movements be led by volunteers. Thus, we partner with students to help them lead movements and realize a greater advancement of the kingdom.

Definition 2.
Catalytic is a strategy designed to help us reach all of the universities in our scope as God opens the door.”
When we say “Catalytic,” we mean launching and developing independent, self-sustaining movements on multiple universities across a broad scope by exploring, challenging, coaching and multiplying. It’s moving from 0 Key Volunteers to Key Volunteers to Teams of KV’s to multiplying teams that multiply new teams to new campuses (graphic?). The heart of Catalytic is the desire to get to every student on every campus.

The Kenyan Context.
Presently, all our campus staff have been distributed among various regions within Nairobi and in Isiolo. These regions have high students population. Therefore, a staff is averagely overseeing seven campuses at ago as they surface key volunteer students to lead the movements in their campuses.
Our goal is to expand beyond Nairobi and Isiolo into other regions in the country as universities and colleges are on the rise across the country. This expansion will largely be championed by students who know potential key volunteers in other campuses and taking the step to challenge them to build spiritual movements. In other cases, after seeing self-sustaining movements in one region, a staff can be send to initiate catalytic movements in other parts of the country.


In light of our Scope to reach all the Universities and Colleges nationwide we have recently re-organized our staff team, from 4-7 staff per Campus to 4-7 Campuses per staff across the 47 Counties nationwide.
In these institutions we run with the DEEP LIFE vision, drawn form Christ Challenging the Disciples to launch out into the DEEP and the following miraculous catch of fish (Luke 5:1-10). We seek to see Disciples Engaged and Equipped to Produce lasting fruit.
As such, each staff commits to deeply disciple at least 5. The top student leader from each of the 4-7 Campuses they work in.
These 5 student disciples are challenged to build communities of fellow student leaders around themselves for prayer, learning, encouragement and reaching the Campus. They are then encouraged to begin discipling others. We train them and meet up with them often to hear triumphs, challenges and encourage them. We teach them to feed from the word of God and the communities of leaders they establish.
We seek to surface this kind of students through nationwide Campus Safari’s (Exploration trips alongside our Students, staff and volunteers.