Spreading love in the most unlikely places

Spreading love in the most unlikely places

My name is Sheryl Bett. I just accomplished the Bridge Mentoring program ( A discipleship program for ex candidates) by LIFE Ministry Through AGC church in Kericho.

The East Pokot mission was huge and it involved di­erent strategies such as Medical and vet camps, peace meetings, Open Barazaz, Youth camps amongst others. I was part of the team that was doing the youth camp. It was the best experience anyone could ever get in a lifetime. on arrival on the 23 of april we slept at Ngoron high School for the night. The next day, we got divided into groups after being joined by some of the local student.

Some of them got into the truck and into the bus. The ones in the truck went to the dispensary to help out, they took a nature walk and they were taught about Archery. They happened to see some of the locals going to the river beds and digging for waster. Top the most of the Bridge students this was such a strange sight since they always thought that the water has to come through the taps, but to the locals, this was their livelihood.

The other group went to Kolerach (A small market regarded as the administrative center) for an open air crusade. The experience was amazing to see the locals join us and attentively listen to the gospel and respond to the call. We later enjoyed the Jesus Film at night and we had a good time talking to the new converts though the language barrier was such an impediment.

After getting familiar with the environment and the harsh climatic conditions, the missionaries especially the bridge students, started making friends around with the local students asking about their schools, their walk with Christ , their families and even their lives at large. The local students were receptive and very welcoming. Within no time, they were speaking and interacting like they had known each other for a while. The locals were grouped into small groups to train them and mentor them on the basics of salvation and their Christian walk.

These program was mainly meant to help them grow both mentally and spiritually. This was also a leadership development strategy to the locals and even the Bridge students. They went through the program every morning. It was supposed to end on Friday but we had to nish on Thurday because the local students had to leave to go back and help their parents and prepare to return to their schools which are miles away.IMG_6514


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