Special Projects

The LORD has blessed the ministry in having unique global and local strategies with great impact in all domains of society and they cut across the above 3 main field ministry priorities . We aim at maximization of all these strategy resources as we continue to develop local strategies that connect in our context. These are: –

Based on the Gospel of Luke, the “JESUS” film has now been translated into 28 local Kenyan languages. This brings God’s Word to people in a language they know and understand. “The JESUS” film is an effective tool for evangelism and church planting.

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2. FAMILY: Through FAMILY LIFE Strategy
We seek to glorify God and make Christ known through bringing about family transformation. It is our desire to effectively develop Godly families who will change Kenya, our home at a time using tools like: Pre-marital Counseling, Before You Leap (Singles’ Seminar), Home Builders (Couples’ Bible Study), Half Day Seminars and Weekend to Remember.[images for use on link: …]


Kenya being globally known for athletes’ prowess, we recognize that successful athletes are role models and influence our society. In partnership with great Christian Athletes with successful track records and powerful Christ-centered testimonies we share the Gospel of Christ in Kenya and to the world through various global sports events – One World to Reach, One Language of Sport, One Message of Victory as we build spiritual movements through the platform of sport.
(Image of Celia Asila. in Basket ball attire. A staff of LIFE M playing for COOP Bank National team)
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(b) BODY & SOUL:
This is a fitness ministry that provides an uplifting environment and opportunity for women to exercise fellowship together and grow spiritually.
(formerly Nairobi International School of Theology – NIST)
ILU is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (LIFE Ministry Kenya). It is an accredited institution of higher learning that is committed to educate and train Christ-like visionary leaders to spearhead the transformation in Africa and the World.
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(b). LIFE Frontier School (Tana River)
This is a primary school with about 600 students and 50 employed support staff that provides quality education among the marginalized tribes in Kenya – Somali, Waata, Wardei, Orma, Wailwaana, Munyoyaya and other communities in Tana River region. Most of them are nomads, extremely poor and cannot afford to pay school fees. We seek sponsorship per child at US$ 30/monthly.
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This is a holistic ministry in partnership with other organizations that seeks to improve the quality of life in communities that are unreached with the gospel. We drill boreholes, model good agricultural processes, facilitate education and empower the community. We have partnered in the past in the following ways:

(a) Christian Impact Mission
And currently with: Christian Impact Mission (CMI), Samburu County Nkalup Vision(SCNV), Transform Western Kenya Initiative (TWKI) among many others.

CBN is a response center for the ‘700 club’ and “Turning Point” TV programs that provides counseling and prayers.

(c) Mobile Clinic
Minister to the whole person by educating the community on common health practices, offer basic healthcare and address the spiritual needs in the rural areas.
[images for use on link: …] 6. ISIOLO PRAYER AND SENDING CENTER:
This is a prayer and training center that is the LIFE Ministry base for Sending. As a gateway to the North of Kenya, Isiolo is strategically located for ministry to the least-reached communities of Northern Kenya and the Horn of Africa.